about_imgAs an expert in the auxiliary role of dental implants, Leslie delivers lectures to dental professionals all over the United States and in Canada.  She is known to present in an enjoyment and interactive environment that, while having fun, produces results that the entire team can benefit from.  Working in conjunction with dental study groups, dental consultants, and universities, Leslie provides several lectures on many topics to help the dental implant team accelerate both personally and professionally.

As dental professionals, it is our job to educate our patients on all of their dental options, and implants often are the ideal choice.  However, Leslie finds that following clinical training, practices often have a problem helping their patients select the best option for them.  Leslie has the skills and tools to train dental professionals on how to educate their patients and allow them to make the best choice for their overall health.

Leslie offers one or two day training courses to assist auxiliaries increase their confidence, consistency, preparedness, case acceptance, and office profitability.   With a little more knowledge in the implementation stage, we can make dental implants the number one method of tooth replacement in the United States and Canada!

Leslie provides an excellent way for study clubs to add the necessary auxiliary training to their current curriculum, and increase the number of referrals to specialist’s offices.  Leslie works with dental consultants to enhance their expertise by adding topics to their current program and greatly increase their clients overall outcome.  Universities will find the programs offered to be essential in allowing practitioners to utilize the skills they have gained by attracting and educating interested patients.  Leslie will customize a program to compliment your organizations current program by adding the team process training that is required in implant dentistry.

In addition to working with dental professionals, Leslie enjoys the opportunity to continue to have patient interaction and learning from day to day experiences.  This is where others can learn from the many years Leslie has invested in training and in direct patient care.  Attending numerous courses and being trained by some of the best companies and lectures, there is a lot that comes from the experience of direct patient care!  Leslie is constantly continuing her education on the latest techniques and best way to present to patients.  The programs offered are a wonderful way for dentist and their auxiliary to utilize and enjoy the new procedures added to their changing implant practice.

Leslie has been an Implant Coordinator for over 25 years as well as Practice Manager for 18 years in the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery field, and comes to us from Indiana where she started her career in dentistry in 1985.  During her oral surgery years, she was also a Program Advisor for CareCredit for ten years and worked for an imaging center scanning patients and offering training in CT guided implant surgery.  She is a licensed dental radiographer and currently in the process of becoming certified by AAOMS in the new ICD.10-CM/CPT coding which needs to be implemented by October 1, 2014, for medical insurance submission.

Leslie is a member of The Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries, The National Speakers Association, and The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.  Leslie resides in Indiana with her husband of over 25 years, Scott, and their two teenage sons, Ryan and Chase.

For further information on how adding auxiliary training to your study group or consulting program, or your individual office, email Leslie at leslie@teamimplants.com.  We will design a program that fits your individual needs.  (All programs are approved by a licensed doctor of dental surgery.)

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