Want to dramatically grow your implant practice…fast? Need forms and systems to increase your profit on implant procedures? Want to increase your case acceptance? With 30 years of experience in implant dentistry, Leslie can take your practice to an entirely new level by helping establish and implement systems that have been proven to work!

General Dentist/Implantologist
Placing implants? This six-month coaching program dramatically grows your numbers and requires very little doctor time! With a variety of on-site coaching, telecoaching, conference calls and continual monitoring and support gives your auxiliary the training they need to grow with you and your practice. Call for a full line of services which are tailored to your needs and allows you to block three competitors:

• Selecting implant systems
• Sterilization process for implant surgery
• The assistants role in surgery
• The auxiliaries role in CT guided surgery
• Impression taking
• Implant and Prosthetic terminology
• Instruments and accessories
• Auxiliary understanding of bone grafting and tissue regenerating materials
• Working with laboratories
• Working with sales representatives
• Patient seminars
• Dental and medical insurance coding of Implant procedures
• Case presentation
• Initial consultation
• Materials to stock for Implant procedures
• Scripting
• Implant Coordinator role and duties
• Turning the initial call into an appointment
• Consent forms
• Scheduling productively
• Follow-up and treatment tracking
• Post-operative instructions and medications
• Hygiene for Implant restorations
• Offering a guarantee on implant
• Financial discussion and options

Specialists (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and Periodontists)
• Referral communication
• Referral marketing and the sunshine act
• Gathering referral preferences on implants
• Referral CE programs and/or study clubs
• The “Five-Minute-Consultation”