Thriving Dentist Podcast

Posted by Jun - 8 - 2015
By Leslie
Speakers Consulting Networking Annual Meeting 2016 It was great catching up with friends and colleagues in Portland, Oregan! Beautiful city with a magnificent rose garden. Great location for the 2016 SCN Annual Meeting filled with some of the most positive and inspirational people in dentistry! Love being part of such a wonderful organization. We were blessed with some of the best, well-known speakers that were...speaking to motivational speakers! John Blumberg and his "Good to the Core" attitude (and book). Enjoyed seeing ROI as Return on Integrity; great insight for leaders (thanks for the books). Honored to be in audience watching Tom Sullivan and hearing his amazing story (can't wait to see you on... Read More ->

ICOI/ADIA Winter 2015

Posted by Jan - 24 - 2015
By Leslie
Just finished the three day event in Orlando.  Amazing as usual.  Learning from International speakers on dental implants and guided surgeries is such a great opportunity and I recommend everyone attend!  I was fortunate enough to get to introduce the speakers on Friday and then co-lecture with Karen Young on Saturday for the Practice Management course.  She did a fabulous job!!! Karen is spectacular.  Looking forward to presenting the course in San Francisco.  Mark your calendars everyone for the Summer Symposium August 14-16, 2015.  I love the way ICOI includes Auxiliary training in their programs.  See you... Read More ->


Posted by Jan - 13 - 2015
By Leslie
Just spent five days on Daytona Beach with an amazing group of professionals at CareerFusion.  110 dental professionals testing out new products and learning techniques to better serve our clients.  Todd Cohen, author of "Everyone's in Sales" was our main speaker and was fantastic!  Looking forward to next year and appreciate the group of new friends to share this year... Read More ->

Thriving Dentist Podcast

Posted by Oct - 29 - 2014
By Leslie
Shout out to Gary Takacs; great interview and had a great time!  Click here to listen: thriving... Read More ->


Posted by Oct - 26 - 2014
By Leslie
Had an awesome time with my friend Shirley Gutkowski on CrossLinks blog-talk-radio. Talking about what an ideal implant candidate looks like.Cross Link... Read More ->

Patterson Training Center

Posted by Oct - 22 - 2014
By Leslie
Had an amazing time with an awesome group of people!! Thanks to Jana Berghoff, Jenny Allen, and the rest of the PTC's talented team! What a menu of technology and services you offer. Enjoyed learning your new software updates with some of the leading dental consultants. ... Read More ->

Speaking Consulting Network

Posted by Jun - 8 - 2014
By Leslie
Had a great time in Tampa with all my friends and colleagues at the annual meeting Speaking Consulting Network Conference!  Proud to say I won a medal for Spotlight on Speaking.  Great trip and special thanks to Linda Miles and Lois Banta! [caption id="attachment_252" align="aligncenter" width="223"] SOS Medal... Read More ->

International Academy of Oral & Maxilliofacial Surgeons and Auxiliary

Posted by Apr - 20 - 2014
By Leslie
Very excited to be part of the IAOMSA annual meeting in September! What a great program with the latest in technology and awesome speakers!!  It is sure to be very informative and motivational; with a lot of group interaction.   Looking forward to speaking on the Implant Coordinators role; my favorite subject!! If you have not registered yet, visit  Held in Indianapolis, Indiana (great if you cannot travel to Hawii for the AAOMS meeting this year).  Hope to see you there! Last week of... Read More ->

CareStream Users Meeting

Posted by Feb - 1 - 2014
By Leslie
What a success!  Had a lot of fun and was able to meet so many wonderful people in Atlanta!  Got to show off my new webinars which is so exciting.  A lot of new and exciting things coming out from CareStream as well!  Look forward to the update and thanks for hosting such a great... Read More ->

ICOI/ADIA in New Orleans

Posted by Jan - 20 - 2014
By Leslie
What a great program in New Orleans!  The ICOI Winter Implant Symposium hit all the right tunes with a whelm of great information (it was exhausting!), new products, and wonderful gathering spaces for discussion with colleges from all over the world!  Seeing friends from past conferences and meeting new dental professionals has me looking forward to Chicago already!  Thanks to the ADIA for inviting me to be a part of it by speaking on insurance coding.  A lot of new information this year and I was glad to be able to share it and send attendees home armed with what they need to know.  It is always a blessing to be part of such a great organization!  Mark your calendars for Chicago August 21-23, 2014.... Read More ->